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Luke Bateman


By Luke Bateman & Michael Conley, THE LITTLE BEASTS (WHAT HAPPENS TO NAUGHTY CHILDREN)  tells the macabre story of what happens to naughty children when they die.


Based on the 18th century cautionary tale Vice in its Proper Shape, THE LITTLE BEASTS is about a child who stumbles upon a magical menagerie where naughty children's souls have been transformed into the animals they most resembled in life. The menagerie’s proprietor, a mysterious man in black, tasks the child to choose one animal to set free. To do this, the child must learn how each animal came to be. In this dark and comedic cautionary tale, we meet the menagerie’s inhabitants and learn why they are there and how they plan to escape. Can the child who never thought about anyone else learn to put others’ needs before their own? 

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