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All I Want For Christmas

Book & Lyrics by Katy Darby














Jermyn Street Theatre cast 2010


Tone - Rob Hughes

Irina - Erica Guyatt

Jean - Jessica Martin

Jack - Andrew C Wadsworth



Upstairs at the Gatehouse cast 2007


Tone - Ben Farrow

Irina - Laura Main

Jean - Beverly Baxter

Jack - Robert Cargill


'With elements of Brechtian alienation the characters use songs to tell us their real thoughts: they are cleverly written by Katy Darby using a range of styles, and all played live on a piano by her musical partner Luke Bateman, who, Svengali like, allows us to witness their motivations'


Dave Jordon, Whatsonstage ****

(All I Want for Christmas)

Desperate for a perfect Christmas, Tone hires escort girl Irina to pose as his girlfriend when he goes to his parents for Christmas Day. But tensions soon rise and secrets spill in this musical comedy about obsession, the search for happiness, and why It's A Wonderful Life is the most important film ever made.

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